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NuGenSoft provides intelligent solutions to meet critical needs.
Generating, delivering, and supporting intelligent technologies that evolve in response to stress... adapting as needed with little or no human intervention
Developing and delivering custom processes to best exploit intelligent technologies, supported through training and problem resolution

Information security is a key application domain for NuGenSoft products and services, supported by certified information security professionals.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) techniques can and are being used to develop adaptive tools that discover new vulnerabilities and useful exploits

Tools developed and refined off-line, at machine speed, 24X7, for months in advance.
Tools that learn, select, and retain effective mutations... competing against production systems forced to respond in real-time without degrading legitimate access.

Fortunately, even more powerful AI-enabled technologies can be used to develop adaptive countermeasure systems

Systems able to evolve themselves real-time in response to stress... the stress of an information attack.
Systems trained in advance with intelligent attack tools to generate solutions to known and still unknown threats... generalizing solutions for faster responses.


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